Our destinations


Being a local company with the office in Moscow, we are able to suggest and carry out a lot of activities and attractions, also with the possibility to extend business trips with leisure.

Saint Petersburg

For customers who prefer city travels, we strongly recommend Saint Petersburg as an iconic destination and a great entertainment city as well.

Golden Ring

Historically, trips around Golden Ring become one of our main specializations. Let your clients enjoy this magnificent trip made by bus, by car or even by train!

Noth of Russia

Less visited than the traditional Russian places of interest, the northern cities like Vologda, Archangelsk as well as Kizhi and Valaam islands being included in your journey, will make the travel really unique.

Trans-Siberian Railway

For the famous Trans-Siberian train route we offer standard and customized programs with a lot of extra services in any combination.

Baikal and Irkutsk

A travel to Baikal Lake belongs to so called “once in a lifetime” experience: although it is worth a separate trip it can be combined with other destinations.

Small rusiian towns

For people who want to familiarize deeper with the country, we have prepared some special itineraries which include these picturesque places.

Not only Russia

Apart of Russia, we offer some neighbor countries: Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan etc., additionally or as separate destinations.